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General Issues

Issues related to logging in, out, or about multiple devices.

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Signing up for popnc is easy. All you need to do is fill out our registration form and integrate the code into your site for the ads to appear instantaneously. Follow these quick and easy steps to Signup with Popnc

All visitors must come from a web page or appstore/playmarket/windows store application. All surfers sent to Popnc must be in a full size window with toolbars, location, scroll bars, etc. If none of these complies to you then you should contact support and explain how do you plan to send traffic to Popnc.

Promotions of our websites are prohibited using email campaigns. Our websites may not be opened or loaded in a frame (especially 1x1 iframes). We don't accept PTC (paid to click), hitleap or artificial traffic generated by a device, program or a robot. We will detect it and terminate your account.

We don't accept websites containing the following content:
-Hacking or Phreaking.
-Software Pirating (for example Warez).
-Pornographic content.
-Containing or linking to any form of illegal activity (for example how to make drugs).
-Racial, ethnic, political, hate-mongering or otherwise objectionable content.
-Material that defames, abuses, or threatens physical harm to others.
-Inappropriate newsgroup postings, chat or forum abuse, unsolicited e-mail (SPAM).
-Any illegal activity whatsoever.

We approve websites from all GEOs and in any language, except:
- sites under construction
- sites beyound 1M Top Alexa rank
- sites with no content

All domain application will be reviewed within 15 Min.


Let’s try to help you faster.

General Issues

Doubts related to Advertising.

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You can find the options on the campaign settings.

You can download that on the Finance section, after the deposit is made.

Yes, you can deposit via paypal.

Yes, you will be assigned with a dedicated account manager.