Fake traffic detection

Our advanced AI system will get rid of unwanted traffic. so that you get only the best out of it!

Advanced targeting

Target your users as you with with our wide range of targeting options like, OS, Browser, Country, Device etc..!


Country vise




Time targeting




Frequency capping


Category targeting

Track convertion

Track each and every conversion using our advanced one of a kind tracking report system!

Realtime bidding

No, fixed rates. You can bid according to the market potential and save more of your valuable money and time!

Quick campaign approval

Get your campaign approved within 15 min maximum, so no waiting for long time. we work with godspeed!

Realtime stats

Our stats counter is designed in a way that it gets you real-time and accurate stats without any delay!

Blacklist/Whitelist website

According to your reports, you can blacklist/whitelist the IP's so you get only what you want!

Selfserve platform

You have full control over the campaign, you can pause and start the campaign anytime after it is approved!

Direct & verified publishers

We assure you 100% direct and verified traffic so your campaign conversion rate is 100% worthy!

Why are you waiting for?

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